The circle of a plant is an amazing journey, that unravels numerous of fascinating moments which are capturing the spirit of the unique. It is a journey that anybody should attempt. The noble power of nature begins with every seed. Within it a fairytale begins and without even noticing it, now you’re a part of the story.

Processing and arranging more than 60 varieties in organic cultivation is a demanding work. It requires a lot of pre-field work to be done, searching and studying for new varieties from an endless pool, considering the fact that every year we experiment in new species, trying to add more flavors and colors to your drinks, plates and desserts, uplifting and inspiring not only your special events but your everyday life.

The product that you are holding in your hand is a result of countless hours of personal work, hand processed in all aspects, from seed to sowing, from harvest to sorting and from packaging to labeling.

So, here’s to you, with lots of love,

Enjoy it !!!